1. Babiiiiies!!

  2. falvie:


    But i gotta learn to draw these cuties first

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  3. veganmovement2012:

    "There are no ‘lower’ and ‘higher’ animals, and we should stop using this misleading dualistic terminology that promotes anthropocentric specious speciesism." — Marc Bekoff

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  4. dicktho:

    when you mess up talking to the person behind the counter 


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  6. chubby-bunnies:

    I am in love with my body. Every single flaw makes me feel beautiful because they are unique and even though others may have similar flaws they arent identical to mine. Some days I dance naked in the mirror just to give myself a show. I deserve to feel sexy no matter what society thinks.

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    US Size 16
    Weight 208

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  8. kjerstifaret:

    "Three Ravens" by Kjersti Faret

    My first woodcut

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  9. dinosaurmovie:

    when i see people talkin about how animal rights shouldn’t “take priority” over human rights i’m like

    i didn’t realize i needed to have a numbered list of all the issues i care about in the exact order in which i care about them

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    is good bear

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